AssignmentMe is a freelance platform for any type of online tutoring, and written assignment help. You can also find fun and quality online courses (both free and paid) on the course section of the platform.

As a platform designed for best interactions for tutors and students, it allows free rein of both parties within the limit of legality with features that ensure convenience and satisfaction. The main section of the platform is structured so that a student can post an A.Me request(what they need tutoring, coaching, etc on). Freelance tutors that teach this subject (as stated in their profile) receives a notification to bid, and can view the student’s budget for the request. The student also has the option of browsing the list of tutors, and directly inviting them to bid on their A.Me request. Once tutors bid, the student then looks at the rate, experience, and reviews of each of them, and accepts the bid of the best-suited tutor to him or her. Before the tutoring session begins, the student pays for the agreed-upon session into the Escrow Account. This gives the tutor the confidence that they will get paid after each session. But in the case the tutoring is not completed as agreed upon, the student also has the confidence that they will get their money back. If it’s an offline session, the tutor and student can share files in an automatic generated shared online workspace for that request. If an online session is required, the tutor will give the student access to his or her tutoring room (Tutors get to create their online classroom), and the tutoring gets done. Once completed, the student clicks on a button in the workspace stating the session was completed as agreed upon, and the money gets released to the tutor. Both the student and tutor review each other and are better for it. Every communication between the parties is on our platform, so no need to share personal information or worry about stalkers. This structure is applied to and expounded on with the different categories on our platform (mainly, college students, homeschoolers, musicians, K1-K12 students, language learners, exam prep students, and creative use).

Including the convenience, and security of transaction we provide, we are very proud of the features that come with AssignmentMe. One of them is the ability to do 1-on-1 or group tutoring. In the case of group tutoring, students can be put in break-out rooms for mini-group or individual work. Our multi-user whiteboard allows students and tutors to write at the same time on the whiteboard if the tutor enables it. Our message center allows communicating with anyone on the platform regardless of the country they are in (and if they permit it on their account), leading to collaborations as necessary. The list goes on, but my personal favorite is the ability of parents to view their kid’s tutoring session online from anywhere. For example, a parent could go grocery shopping, and just watch on their phone the live tutoring session of their kid at home. They can even send a “silent” comment to the tutor during the session, without their kid knowing (e.g. She is only playing shy, she knows the answer), or to their kid without their tutor knowing (you better pay better attention, before I drive home and…). You get the idea!

One of our main specialize use of AssignmentMe is with the homeschooling community. They use AssignmentMe for co-op sessions. One parent can group tutor other kids that belong in their co-op group history, and another biology, and so on. Another specialized use is by musicians. We are currently working on making our platform more conducive for people trying to teach or learn to play musical instruments. Our current platform accommodates it, but we are working on making it even better!

Different courses are also available on AssignmentMe. All course creators are required to have fun and creative ways of teaching. The courses are reviewed and are checked to see they pass our quality standard before they are published . There is a diverse range of topics to select from. Students can reach out to course creator to see if they are available to tutor them one-on-one as well.

And of course there is the blog. The purpose of the blog is to continually have educative materials that allows someone to learn something new everyday.

Our goal is to keep improving on giving tutors and students out there the best platform for their eLearning experience, and we don’t plan to stop. So, please share the word, and remember this: “AssignmentMe, the premier freelance platform for tutoring and learning.”